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Womenís Magazines like most other magazine genres have experienced a decline in both newsstand and subscription sales. Though magazines focusing on women such as Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Elle, etc. have name recognition, this is not necessarily translating into sales.

Many of the magazines for women are similar in content, and fail to give prospective and current readers what they want. Magazines should be timely, and reflect the tastes and interests of their readers; something popular womenís magazines are obviously failing to do.

It can be disappointing to make the decision to discontinue a subscription to what was once was a favorite magazine, but can be necessary when the editorial focus changes, or fails to make necessary changes in order to retain their readership.

Womenís Magazines are not a lost cause, and can of course bounce back. Publishers and editors should think about what the average modern women is, and then creating a publication specific to her should not be a problem. Just in case, they happen to be stuck, below is list of tips for updating womenís magazines.

Reports and Investigative Stories Relative to Women

While women care about fashion and accessories, and most of us care a little too much about the personal lives of our favorite celebrities there is definitely a place for timely relevant issues. Unfortunately, womenís magazines can often provide a rather shallow perspective of what they believe interest women.

Feature reports about diseases that are affecting women, fertility issues, career stories and advice would be a welcome change. Current statistics suggest that more women are entering college than men. The smart intelligent women of today should be treated accordingly, and articles on wearing a round toe in a pointy toe season will not garner much interest in the long term and potentially turn off readers.

Put Real Women on the Cover

Popular actresses such as Jennifer Anniston, and Nicole Kidman featured on magazine covers undoubtedly sell issues, but so would women in the top of their fields in other industries. The successful women of today are running multi-million dollar corporations, but most of them are not known outside of the business world.

These fantastic women can serve as an inspiration to women who are looking to have it all, a family and career. In addition, featuring women from different cultures and walks of life is just a reflection of women in society. Not all women can make a connection to the size zero waif like actresses and models. However, they may be able to see themselves in extraordinary teachers, doctors, lawyers, stay at home moms and actresses. Womenís magazine should be for everyone woman, not just one type of woman.

Promote Realistic Body Images

The average woman is a size 14. The clothes featured in most women and fashion magazines are for women of a much smaller size. The idea that women cannot be stylish and beautiful if they are not as thin as a model promotes a very unhealthy body image. In most instances these body types and sizes are unattainable and those trying to conform to this standard can resort to unsafe measures.

Featuring clothes in all sizes is essential, especially since the target audience is women with a myriad of dress sizes. The plus size women would appreciate seeing clothes just for them that are fun, stylish and up to date corresponding with todayís trends.

While the sales trends for womenís magazine will not reverse overnight, addressing the needs of todayís woman will definitely result in increases over time. A devoted readership will develop from consumers who feel an affinity and desire to be faithful to a publication that is true to their wants and needs.

do you think the fans is what made womens wrestling worse for wwe?

i mean think about it, not that many of the causal fans really care about the actual wrestling that is going on in the divas division they care more about looks. So do you think that the fans want eye candy more then actual wrestling is what really is messing up the divas and vince is just giving the fans what they want for a change

Yeah, we can blame this one on the fans.

Going all the way back to Sable, when Vince started the whole T & A thing in the WWF. Sure, it was new, and because it was very risque, the fans got a kick out of her.

Vince has no respect for women (or at least, women wrestlers). That is painfully obvious by what he presents as "women's wrestling".

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Vince lives in a fantasy world and he is it's ruler. The fans are the ones who pay to see Vince's little fantasy world, and just like with everything else stupid that Vince does, the fans continue to watch and continue to throw money at him.

It's not Vince giving the fans what they want (I'm not the only one who would rather see skilled women wrestlers wrestle than what we generally get from him), it's Vince giving Vince what Vince wants. Vince has taught the fans that what he presents IS women's wrestling, and because most of his viewers only watch the WWE, they don't know any better. They just continue to watch Vince's dancers and models playing "wrestlers" on TV, and throwing money at him.

Vince is giving Vince what Vince wants. The fans are at fault for accepting this.

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